The AQUA Measurement System is used in the Jewelled Cities, Tar and the other regions of the Seaborne Confederation.

Measurement Type Quantity English Metric
Link Distance base 3 inches 7.6 cm
Chain Distance 200 link 50 feet 15.24 cm
Sound Distance 10 chain 500 feet 152.4 m
Candle Distance 20 sound 10,000 feet 3.05 Km
Link Weight base 1/2 lb 0.23 Kg
Chain Weight 200 link 100 lb 45.4 Kg
Crate Weight 27 chain 2700 lb 1224.7 Kg
Box Volume base

1 cubic foot

7.48 gallons

0.03 m3

328.32 l

Crate Volume 3x3x3 cube of Boxes 27 cubic feet

0.76 m3

764.6 l

Hold Volume 5x5x5 cube of Boxes

3365 cubic feet

25,192 gallons

95.3 m3

95,286 l

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