The act was one of the first official actions taken by Andus Fitzrion upon taking the position of Skipper-General. Its text is as follows:

We of the AQUA Senior Council resolve the following:

That the actions of Tupelo Cornus toward Amber Grant were allowable under the Code of Conduct at the time. 

That as members of a civilized society, we shall no longer deep such actions acceptable. Civilized behavior demands civil discourse, including change of leadership.

That the actions of Tupelo Cornus towards the Grant, Grumby, and Grant-Tremblor families were heinous and without merit. We condemn them and all actions which harm the innocent. 

We welcome back any and all members of the Grant, Grumby, and Grant-Tremblor families who wish to return to the islands. You are our cousins, and we welcome you back. To that end, we shall refurbish the Grant family merchantman ”The Coral Skipper at our cost.

That we hold no malice or hatred towards the Kingdom of Jarrland. Their actions toward Tupelo, while excessive, were motivated by family loyalty and despair over his heinous crimes. We resolve to set aside any harsh words or perceived injustice for actions taken during that time. Predation upon our shipping by ships being Jarrow Letters of Marque are dismissed and forgiven.

We resolve to be honest and competent trading partners to the Jarrow, and share equally and with happiness the community of the sea.

Signed, Andus Fitzrion, Skipper General John LaFitte, Councilman Admiral Tumberink Grumby, Councilman Admiral Salix Caprea Denali, Councilwoman Admiral Gonzo the Great, Adjutant Councilperson

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