Aiman III
Title Queen of Nand
Reign 91 -
Predecessor Isfandir III
Successor Incumbent
Spouse Kusal
Issue Isfandir


House Sasan
Mother Kira
Father Isfandir II
Born 67

Aiman III is a Nend with deep blue/indigo skin. She became queen on the death of her father when she was just twenty-three years old, and many expected her to be a weak ruler like her immediate predecessors. Soon after her coronation she controversially married her childhood friend Kusal, a relatively minor noble and official, rather than one of the great setrapa petitioning for her hand, but despite many suspecting this would lead into a campaign to reinstate royal authority, she has kept a fairly low profile politically ever since. Some claim she is quietly building a power base prior to asserting herself, but most have come to believe she is content to enjoy the privileges of her office without exerting herself excessively.


With her husband Kusal, Aiman has three children:

  • Isfandir, b.95
  • Hannah, b.97
  • Jangir, b.99

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