Prince Alfrett Jarrow
Nationality Sobridei
Spouse Unmarried
Children Unknown
House Jarrow
Race Half-Elf
Mother Isesu of Tzalteclan
Father King Elwyn the Glorious
Born 511, Jarrland
Religion Panshén

Alfrett was the youngest legitimate son of King Elwyn the Glorious by his wife Isesu of Tzalteclan and the twin of King Eldys.


Like his siblings, Alfrett favoured his mother in skin colour and his father in other features. As an adult he tended to wear his hair short, and famously did not feel the cold, often preferring to leave his shirt open or go shirtless to display the scars on his chest.

In his dragon-form, he became a red-golden wyrm. He rarely adopted his dragon form but it was more common for him to do so than for his siblings.

In 533 he bonded with Harmatis, a female storm dragon with purple scales.


At the age of fourteen he was sent to ward in Kelldria under Gregor Argulus as part of a reciprocal agreement which saw Gregor's son Zosimus ward in the Kingdom of the Carmine Sea. He developed a respect and affection for the Kell culture, and according to their customs began to record his life deeds on his body in a scarification pattern.

He was a renowned duellist and single combatant, winning the King's Cup three times during the late 540s. Although he preferred not to talk in detail about his time among the Kells it is believed he fought a number of single combats in defence of his family name and won them all, according to legend tearing the head from one opponent with his bare hands. Following the secret marriage of his sister Ameryn to the knight Rayne Sempronis, Rayne fled the country rather than face Alfrett in single combat, though it is not known whether such a challenge was ever issued.

During the Serpent Subjugation Safari in the Free Cities Alfrett intervened to slay the hydra which had menaced the party, transforming into the dragon-form he had inherited from his mother's family for the first known time for combat purposes.

Alfrett was an outspoken supporter of his "twice-brother" Zosimus and one of the leaders of the expedition in the 560s to recover his station as Argulus.

Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Victor Mithredge
First Sword of Sobrida
546 - 549
Succeeded by
Deryn Menwyr

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