Alfwyr the Rash
Jarrland Crest
Title King of the Jarrs &c
Reign 393-397
Predecessor Athelmark the Unifier
Successor Athelmere the Seafarer
Spouse Selwyn Dunnem

Adylla Cambra

Issue Alfwigg, Earl of Jarburg

Celwyrr Jarrow

Alfmark, King of the Jarrs &c.

House Jarrow
Mother Arwynn Jarrow
Father Eldin Lord Jarrow
Born 332
Died 402
Religion Lord of Fire

Alfwyr was the second son of Lord Eldin Jarrow, the younger brother of King Athelmark, and the second King of the Jarrs.

In his youth he assisted in his unification of the Jarr kingdom, fighting in the forefront of his brother's armies. As part of an early movement to unite the hill clans in the time of his father, Alfwyr was wed to Selywn of the Dunnem clan, by whom he had two children. He frequently governed the kingdom as regent when Athelmark was abroad, and succeeded him on the throne after Athelmark's death.

On taking the throne in 393, he largely continued the policies established by his brother. One of his first actions as king was to attempt to claim neighbouring Vennland, but this failed and he resorted to colonising it via different means. He also oversaw the final completion of Athelmark's literacy programme. After his coronation and at the encouragement of the Royal Council, Alfwyr remarried in 395 to Adylla of Clan Cambra, and they had one son, Alfmark.

In 396 and 397 Alfwyr became embroiled in various scandals involving the royal family, with troublemakers making accusations of infidelity against the wives of both his nephews, and his son Alfwigg reportedly secretly marrying Matriarch Militae of the Priory of Ascension and converting to her doctrine. Alfwyr struggled to cope and began to doubt his own fitness to rule and make decisions. In 397 the traitor Janwyn Sarrey, who had started rumours about the true parentage of Lady Tempest's son, was brought to trial and requested trial by combat. The king inexplicably chose to fight Sarrey himself and cut him down, albeit taking serious wounds in the process.

He was carried from the field but was not expected to live for long. His first action on regaining consciousness was to abdicate in favour of his nephew Athelmere. In fact he survived another five years and Athelmere frequently sought his counsel.

His son Alfmark followed Athelmere onto the throne. His grandson via Celwyrr, Girard Serendel, would become the first Emperor of Dawn.

Royal titles
Preceded by
Athelmark the Unifier
King of the Jarrs
Succeeded by
Athelmere the Seafarer
Political offices
Preceded by
Athelmark the Unifier
Prefect of Jarrland
Succeeded by
Athelmere the Seafarer

Title last held by
Arrick Jatten
Prefect of Vennland
Noble titles
New creation Earl of Jarburg
Succeeded by
Alfwigg Jarrow