Ali Burned-Eye
Nationality Razdissi
Spouse Unknown
Children Ratdwarf (claimed)
House Unbroken Line
Race Dwarf
Mother Grelod Earthsmite
Father Razkai II
Born 345
Died aft. 386

Ali was the second son of Mormaer Razkai II and the twin brother of Vali the Archer. At the Second Grand Ball he was badly burned and lost an eye during the explosion, and was known thereafter as "Burned-Eye".

In 386 he disappeared from Razdis and was believed to have travelled to and been imprisoned in Sympolemou.[1] Although he had no confirmed offspring, a very hairy dwarf, known derisively as "the Ratdwarf" appeared some decades later claiming to be Ali's son by a Sympol female, which prompted a civil war in Razdis over the succession. Much doubt was cast on the veracity of the claim, since interbreeding between Sympol and dwarves (or indeed humans) had been thought impossible.



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