Alliance of Scale and Sky
Current Members Triumvirate

Imperial Alydaxian Dominion

Agreed c.350
Founding Members Ignato Empire


Status In force (de jure)

The Alliance of Scale and Sky was an alliance drawn up between the Ignato Empire, Alydaxis and Scla'ca. It is technically still in force, with the relevant trades still in place.


Pact of Mutual Non-Interference

  • All signatory nations will respect the military actions of all other signed nations and will not interfere or intervene unless their assistance is requested and given freely.

Pact of Cultural Exchange

  • The Cult of the Sky religion may be preached freely within all the lands held by the signatory nations.

Trade Agreements (The following trade agreements are to be enacted upon the possession of ocean faring technology by at least one of the signatory nations)

  • Ignato Empire - Scla'ca : Goats - Gold
  • Ignato Empire - Alydaxis : Spices - Silver

Signatory Nations Ignato Empire Alydaxia Scla'ca


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