This page lists some of the alliances formed during recent history. Detailed agreements are displayed in full on their own pages.

Agreement of Sun and HorizonEdit

See Agreement of Sun and Horizon

Participants: Jeweled Cities and Ignato Empire

Trade and mutual assistance agreement.

Alliance of the Mended Mast

Participants: Lyradis and Qarimos

This was an alliance between Lyradis and Qarimos, sealed by the marriage of Jain Serendel to Alara Sultana. Some trades and technology exchanges were agreed as part of the alliance. It was largely superseded by the formation of the Dawn League.

Alliance of Scale and Sky

See Alliance of Scale and Sky

Participants: Triumvirate, Alydaxan Dominion

This was a trade pact and treaty of mutual military non-interference. It is nominally still in force.

The Treaty of ApologyEdit

Participants: Celero and Lyradis

Treaty of Non-Interference and Trade of Celerii Wood for Lyradisian Craftsmen. Lyradis will not interfere with Celero's wars, and Celero will not interfere in Lyradis'. Should Celero and Lyradis' allies enter a war with each other, both nations will attempt to abstain from the war and will not attack each other directly.

Treaty of Awakening

Participants: Sanctuary Empire, Guilder, and Kasumor.

The treaty involves all signatory nations and the various protectorates of Sanctuary, and its terms are laid out as follows:

First, Mutual Defense. All signers of this treaty agree to oppose to the Union of the North's incursions to member nations. This will be done with force if required.

Second, Freedom from Tribute. Guilder and Sanctuary may not leverage tribute from the other's nations.

Third, Heartwastes Peace. There will be peace without soldiers for ten years, until the spring of 370 unless the Heartwaste takes unprovoked military action toward one of the signatory nations before that time.

Fourth, Trade Deals. It is understood, though not fully binding, the signatories of the Awoken Treaty shall not give power to enemy nations in any form. In addition, several specific deals are outlined:

  • Kasumor is given the secrets of Plate Armor, and thus renounces their animosity towards Sanctuary.
  • All signatories agree to be more open towards additional trade in the future.

Fifth, Future Deals. There will be a work in good faith between Ignato and Sanctuary to create an alliance and work together.

Calorum-Genivana-Tuor Treaty

Participants: Calorum, Genivana, and Hrathan-Tuor

Treaty dictates all nations involved maintain open borders and a mutual military defense between each other.

Celero-Guilder Treaty

Participants: Celero and Guilder

Treaty of non-interference. Guilder will not interfere with Celero's wars, and Celero will not interfere in Guilder's. Should Celero and Guilder's allies enter a war with each other, both nations will attempt to abstain from the war and will not attack each other directly. Treaty also includes a marriage pact.

The Dawn League

Participants: Razdis and the Empire of Dawn

Alliance to provide all allied realms with economic advantages and mutual security on the world stage. Also agrees to allow other nations to charter technology commissions, in return for a service or payment, and members will act as envoys to affiliated regions. Alliance also establishes an alliance of mutual defense, open borders, trade, and technology sharing (on a by-permission basis) between its allied nations.

Disian Alliance

Participants: Lyradis and Razdis

Mutual defence and trade, and is a long standing one, and the current trade is Lyradisian Crops for Razdissi Stone. Races and peoples from both countries have intermarried some, and have a positive view of each other. Trade tunnels from the Highlands of Lyradis to the Caverns of Razdis have been errected, and both countries have assisted each other with Great Projects in the past.

Treaty of Everlasting FriendshipEdit

See Treaty of Everlasting Friendship

Participants: Jarrland, Mularuhm, Nix'darum

Agreement of mutual defence, recognition of land rights and trade of key resources.

Grand Coalition

See Grand Coalition Participants: Kasumor, Triumvirate, Gunung, Celero, Guilder, Pryonia, Calorum and The Empire of Dawn

Kasumor-Tekorva Treaty

Participants: Kasumor and Tekorva

Treaty of non-agression and trade. Trading Tekorvan armour in excahange for Kasumori protection from enemies not allied or trading with Kasumor. Also, trading Tekorvan Fish for Kasumori Cotton, and Tekorvan Brass for KAsumori Alchemical Components. Treaty Sealed with a betrothal of Riphal Earthguard to Kokuei of Tekorva.

Lyradis-Tekorva Treaty

Participants: Lyradis and Tekorva

Treaty involves trade of Lyradissian Grain for Tekorvan Iron, and a pact of Non-agression between the two countries.

Polar Peace Pact

Participants: Wenavuk, Gunung

Pact involves mutual non-aggression treaty between all nations, spiritual dialog between clergies and included trade agreement of Gunung Steel for Wooly Mammoths.

Pryonia-Tekorva Alliance

Participants: Pyronia and Tekorva

Peace treaty and military alliance, trade Pryonian Coal for Tekorvan Fish.

Silver Pact

Participants: Razdis, Keldagrim, Sulvan Primarchy

The Silver Pact was an alliance and agreement of cooperation between the three dwarven realms of the north: the Razdissi Underpire, the Sulvan Primarchy, and Keldagrim. The three realms agreed to mutual defence and cooperation in aggressive wars, in addition to a policy of open borders and an exchange of cultural ideas. The treaty is nominally still in force, although Keldagrim has long been subject to foreign powers and both the Primarchy and Razdis have become increasingly isolationist.

The Triumvirate

See The Triumvirate

Participants: Ignato Empire, Genivana, and Hrathan-Tuor.

In its original form the Triumvirate was an alliance between the Ignato Empire, Genivana and Hrathan-Tuor. In the later fourth century the three governments merged to form the first federation on Telluris.

Union of the Northwest

See Union of the North

Participants: Bordeux Concordat, Kingdom of Ashenia, Sulvan Primarchy, Crima.

The Union of the Northwest (hereby refereed to as the UN) is a pact of mutual defense, commerce, and friendship between the nations of Crima, Bordeux, Sulvan's Fury, and Ashenia.

Uvrazhen KostevnikEdit

See Uvrazhen Kostevnik

Participants: Fera and the Sovereign Principality of Niskovia

  • The Haljans are permitted to build an embassy in the capital of the Niskovian Steppe, Kishinev
  • The Niskans are permitted to build an embassy in the Grove of the Sycamore, a medium-large Haljan town where Allies of Halja may come and go freely on the southern part of Eisswaggs
  • Trade of Haljan Luftus Nochenwaurm for Niskovian Star Metal will commence
  • The Haljans pledge to protect the Niskans, their lands and assets from mutual outside threats and the Niskans pledge to protect the Haljans, their lands and assets from mutual outside threats
  • The Haljans pledge not to harm the Niskans unless the Niskans break Haljan Law and the Niskans pledge not to harm the Haljans unless the Haljans break Niskan Law
  • The Haljans and Niskans pledge to share with each other technology which would mutually benefit the two nations.

Treaty of Wind and Stone

Participants: Woodwind, Celero and Kasumor

Treaty is an agreement of mutual defense, agreement of united military, and an agreement of trade of Woodwind Boar Meat for Kasumorian Giant Insects.