Alydaxis Crest
Region Number 29
Realm Imperial Alydaxan Dominion
Population 96,000
Resources Lumber, Silver, Ordanium, Ancient Artifacts
Imports Stone
Religion Cult of the Sky, Ancestor worship


Alydaxis's land is mostly covered in jungle. However, in the north, the land is made mainly out of rocky foothills. In these foothills, there is an abundance of ancient tombs and temples. Most are buried in rock, but a few are still visible. The mountains to the west contribute an obstacle to explorers trying to go inland. But, there is a chasm that cuts through the mountains that provides easier access to the other side.


The population of Alydaxis is composed of lizardfolk. This type has a few spikes on their tails (like a stegosaurus), and has an average lifespan of a hundred years. The royal family is especially noticeable due to a large crest at the back of their heads. They have green skin like this and purple markings on their face, arms, tail, and legs.


Some materials that can be found here include lumber, silver, and ordanium, a metal which looks like iron, but with greenish tint and is much harder. Ancient artifacts are also to be found here. Because the rock in this region easily crumbles under pressure, Alydaxis requires stone.


The faithful people in Alydaxis are focused on the strange ruins and the ancient people that built them. In each of the temples, there are shrines to winged humans that cover their eyes, as if crying. Many revere these as deities and protectors of their land. Other than this, the people believe that when people die, they are reincarnated into a common lizard before reaching the afterlife. When one is found, it is brought to an angel shrine and worshipped as well.


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