The Alzeroth Collective
Regions Alzeroth
Ruler Grand Minister Kialdo Visontas
Player Sgt. Cookie
Abbreviation ALZ
Capital Oreth, Alzeroth
Sovereignty Free State
Government Oligarchy

The Government of the Alzeroth Collective is known as "The Six Ministers". The Six Ministers are made up of a representative of one of the five Great Houses and the Grand Minister.

Each of the House Ministers are tasked with creating arrangements, policies and the like. While these are supposed to benefit the realm first and foremost, each House Minister also works to make sure that his own house gets the best out of the deal, leading to the necessity of the Grand Minister.

The purpose of the Grand Minister is to adjudicate and decide upon the various proposals. Unlike the House Ministers, the Grand Minister's only duty is to that of the realm and thus the Grand Minister decides which proposal is the best for the realm.

Male and female House Ministers are equally common, sometimes changing from meeting to meeting depending on who is free and who is not. There is no "real" honour attached to being House Minister, nor is there any stigma for being "demoted" from the position. They are simply the mouthpiece for their House.

The Grand Minister, however, is more often male. This is not due to any inherent sexism (Far from it, "more often" does not mean "Almost always") but simply that the one chosen to become the next Grand Minister cannot have any attachments of marriage and females are more quickly married off to secure alliances and agreements between the Houses.

When the Grand Minster reaches thirty years of age, he selects a successor from one of the children to educate in the ways of managing the realm and the Houses within. The Grand Minister teaches in whatever method he deems appropriate. When the child reaches twenty years of age, the current Grand Minister steps down and the child takes over as Grand Minister.

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