Amber Adite
Nationality Raaneki
Spouse Anguryn Jarrow
Children Apsara Ambere
House Adite-Devdano


Race Human
Mother Dusari Adite
Father Tarn Grant-Tremblor
Born 402
Died Unknown

Amber was the daughter of Tarn Grant-Tremblor, son of Evelyn Grant, and named for her great-aunt Amber Grant, Regina of the Jewelled Cities. She was a fierce warrior, competing in the Sixth Raaneki Games in 422, although she won no titles. At the same Games she met and entered a relationship with her cousin Anguryn Jarrow, who had been sent to live in Raaneka after the death of her parents. In 426 she gave birth to a daughter, Apsara.

She is the eponymous founder of the house of Ambere, a cadet branch of the Adite-Devdano dynasty. Her granddaughter Sucheta Ambere later became queen of Raaneka.

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