Amber Grant-Thalmann
Nationality Niemida
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
House Grant-Thalmann
Race Human
Mother Li Ginger Grant-Tremblor Shinwa
Father Akonis Thalmann
Born c.545
Religion Panshén

Amber was the eldest child of the union between King Akonis of the Thalmann Legacy and Prefect Ginger of the Niemida Prefecture. Her full name at birth was Li Amber Grant-Tremblor Shinwa-Thalmann but she soon became known by the conventional short-form "Amber Grant-Thalmann".

A duelling prodigy, Amber won the King's Cup at the age of around seventeen and defended her title for the next two years. In 564, as First Sword, she faced Vlad Peters of the Del'taihn Provinces in an exhibition bout to celebrate King Elwyn's hundredth birthday, and was victorious.

After losing the Cup in 565, she regained her title in 572 and held it for five years, equalling the record for consecutive victories set by her cousin Nyerik Kensin and winning the Cup eight times in total. She remains the most successful Cup duellist to date.

She had a storied rivalry with Lorela Deathbranch, the other leading duellist of her age. They fought four times as champion and challenger in the Cup, with Amber winning four of the bouts. She also had a highly popular rivalry with Beleti of Hivern, who began fighting later in Amber's career.

Awards and achievements
Preceded by
The Vigilante of Mularuhm
First Sword of Sobrida
562 - 565
Succeeded by
Lorela Deathbranch
Preceded by
The Vigilante of Mularuhm
First Sword of Sobrida
572 - 577
Succeeded by
Beleti of Hivern

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