Ambryn Jarrow
Ambryn Jarrow
Nationality Jarrlander
Spouse Qzare Li Tailong
Children Qzarina Li Tianshi

Li Fengbao
Li Huanle
Li Shuxian
Li Yinhuo
Li Marishi
Li Yue
Li Gun Huang

Title Empress of the Salterri Imperium
House Grant-Jarrow
Race Jarr-Islander
Mother Tempest Grant
Father Athelmere Jarrow
Born 397, Horbeach, Jarrland
Religion Lord of Fire

Ambryn was one of the twin daughters of King Athelmere of Jarrland and Tempest Grant, born only a few months after his succession to the throne. She was the older of the twins, and named for her grandmother Amber Grant.

She grew up in a time of political conflict between her father's kingdom and AQUA, following the coup against her grandmother's regime. Ambryn became very close to her cousin Martin Grant-Tremblor, with widespread rumours that they were conducting an affair.

At her brother's wedding in 415, Ambryn answered the challenge issued by the Qzare's son Xiu Tailong and defeated him in single combat. Tailong fell in love with Ambryn and courted her over the following years. She eventually consented to marry him and they were wed in Raaneka in 422 after the conclusion of the Sixth Games, shortly after he was proclaimed as Qzare.


Ambryn enthusiastically involved herself in her father's programme of maritime expansion and exploration, making a name for herself during a storm in 410 when the captain of a ship on which she was travelling was washed overboard, and she took the helm herself. In 411 she was credited with the discovery of Niemidaland. In 417 she and Tailong competed in a race to Fiassa's Fast, which Ambryn won by a single day, and there ensued various adventures on the ongoing journey to Celero.

In 422, shortly before her wedding to Tailong, she competed at the Raaneki Games and was named Games Champion in addition to a strong performance in the duelling championship. She is regarded as one of the founding figures of the Sea Serpent style of swordsmanship.


By her husband Li Tailong (382 - 436), Ambryn had eight children:

  • Qzarina Li Tianshi (425 - ), married Fastion Noth of Celero, no issue
  • Li Fengbao (425 - ), triplet sister of Tianshi and Huanle, became naval commander of the Imperium. Married Hong Diao II and had three children
  • Li Huanle (425 - ), triplet sister of Tianshi and Fengbao, converted to vampirism by Lady Lucrezia of Pavonia, no issue
  • Li Shuxian (427 - ), twin sister of Yinhuo, married Teodor Nisakovich and had four children
  • Li Yinhuo (427 - ), twin sister of Shuxian, married Rin Fireguard of Hurosha and had five children
  • Li Marishi (429 - ), twin sister of Yue, married Lord Protector Nao Caercia
  • Li Yue (429 - ), twin sister of Marishi, married Dissator Ethmorl and had five children
  • Qzare Li Gun Huang (435 - ), only son, took nine wives and had forty children

Ambryn and Tailong also adopted Muriel Wulfendyne of Pavonia, who married Zuei Markus Shuyan and had one son, Zuei Ren Wulfendyne.


Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Xiu Tailong
Raaneki Games Champion
Succeeded by

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