Ancient Fiefdom of Sanctuary
Regions Tekorva


Ruler High Prince Kyria Varinel
Player Reggiejam
Abbreviation -
Capital -
Status Sub-realm
Abolished First abolished c.400, revived
Former Regions The Heartwaste

Domhan Abheile

Sovereignty Subject to the Faedas Freehold
Government Monarchy
Ruling House Varinel

Sanctuary was a realm formed by the union of Tekorva and Yorukuni during the reign of High Prince Yuuhi. As it grew in influence it briefly came to encompass Domhan Abheile and a personal union with the Heartwaste, but after the chaos that followed Yuuhi's disappearance, and the deposition of Kuramkesh, Sanctuary was effectively rendered defunct, partitioned between Hurosha and a vassal rump state in Tekorva.

In the 420s Queen Valineth of the Heartwaste took an interest in the wellbeing of her father's former realm and, with assistance from the Hurosha Empire, reconstituted the Ancient Fiefdom of Sanctuary, later conquering Galie-Noiret to add to its domains. It is now held once again in personal union with the Faedas Freehold, the successor state to the old Kingdom of the Heartwaste.

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