Andust the Bold
Title King of Celero
Reign 323-364
Predecessor Elthin the Tame
Successor Yasira Noth
Spouse Bethea of Basia

Ellea of Barrowtown
Elena of Lancaster

Issue Doutria Noth

Queen Yasira Noth
Rion Noth
Fihnn Noth
Kinil the Bastard

House Noth
Mother Fiona Whent
Father Ethan Noth
Born 291
Died 364
Cause of Death Illness

King Andust the Bold was the king of Celero for much of the fourth century. His grandfather, King Rothorn the Tired, was the reigning monarch when the war with the Order of Fire began. When Rothorn was killed, the war ended and his eldest son, King Elthin the Tame, surrendered and kowtowed to the Order of Fire, effectively becoming a puppet government under the control of the Church.

When Andust came of age, he began slowly building support for a rebellion under his uncle's regime. At the age of thirty, Andust had wrested control of half of the nation from his uncle and the Church. By his 33rd birthday, Andust had effected complete control of Celero, and ousted even the most stubborn of Fire Temple loyalist strongholds.

Andust died in 364, on the outbreak of the Great Tellurian War.


Royal titles
Preceded by
Elthin the Tame
King of Celero
Succeeded by
Yasira Noth

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