Argulus is the title held by the ruler of the Kell. It is believed to stretch back into prehistory, though its recorded use dates back only to the mid-fifth century, thanks to the lack of written records maintained by the Kell.

The title is not hereditary and although is conventionally held for life, an Argulus considered to be weak will be overthrown and replaced as a matter of course.


The identities of these individuals cannot be verified.

Name Lifespan Notes
Argor Unknown First Argulus of the Kell, from whose name the title is said to derive.
Heero 2nd/3rd century Last Argulus to hold old Kelldria. Treacherously slain.
Gilgara 2nd/3rd century Led the Kell people to the current Banished Kingdom.

Recorded HistoryEdit

Name Lifespan Rule Notes
Vapeema Mid-5th century to 463 Defeated in battle and imprisoned. Presumed to have died in captivity.
Evander Mid-late 5th century 463 - aft.490 Succeeded Vapeema following his imprisonment.
Gregor c.485 - c.541 aft.490 - c.541 Believed to have succeeded Evander.
Zosimus c.510 - c.511 - Youngest son of Gregor.

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