Region Number 42
Realm Imperial Alydaxan Dominion
Population 87,000
Resources Limestone, Rice
Imports Wood
Religion Cult of the Sky (minority)


Much of Arix'La contains steep foothills that encompasses it on almost all sides. The flat terrain is dominated by the Quin'lo river valley, formed by a river emanating from the Grand Marsh to the South. At the heart of the valley there is a plateau dwarfed by the cliff-face on top of which rests a Limestone stone circle dubbed the High-Stone Circles.


The people are lizardfolk, very much like those in Scla'ca.


Arix'La is home to massive limestone deposits. The primary river valley contains a massive terrace farming community that produces rice. The rough terrain causes a major shortage of wood.


Due to past Scla'can involvement, there is a minority of Cult of the Sky worshippers in the south. Constant raids by Hartigan Biurkahad of Angan Anvale caused the north to turn away from religious affairs prior to his suppression by Ashenia.


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