The Art Museum in the Sea of Glass is a showcase for many great works of art. Many of the Seaborne Confederation Crown Jewels are stored and displayed here.

The Museum at the time of the Centennial Gala in 499/500Edit

Within the halls of the Art Museum, there are many fine works of art that have been gathered up by the Seaborne Confederation. Paintings, statues, artifacts, and many other pieces of curious curios are placed within it's halls. The Art Museum also did not manage to escape the notice of the small army of party planners, and many of the objects and displays have deep sea blue themes and backgrounds related to being Under the Sea.

Some objects are even from ships that were rumored to have been wrecked and lost within the past century, yet here they are on display. Most notable are things like a piece of the mainsail from The Fine Equine. According to the curio's plaque, this ship went down in the Sea of the Golden Sun on 482 due to storms. The story accompanying the piece states that though they were far from land, all the sailors awoke up on shore, and were able to make it back home safely. None of the sailors know why.

To the left of the mainsail is the anchor from Alydaxian's Hope, which the plaque details as having been part of the attempt to cross the Sea of the Golden Sun during the Moonshroud Wars. Famously sunk by the Heartlands navy, the anchor should have gone to the bottom of the sea.

A pair of pirate cutlasses was encased in glass near the anchor, and was said to be from an unnamed ship that the art gallery suspects was part of the AQUA Civil War that happened almost 100 years ago. The cutlasses look old and rusted enough for this to be true, yet how they were recovered for this exhibit is not said.

The prize of the Art Museum - or at least, one of the items that appears to be the most well displayed and touted by many signs and accompanied by a guard - is the Centennial Tapestry. Created for the last Centennial party, it was quietly shipped here with the greatest of care. It wasn't one image...but a quilting of images. Images of events that occurred throughout the century from all over the world, during the previous century. Such sights on the quilt included the completion of the Raaneki Stadium, The Emerald City, the founding of a school in Ashenia, and many such events. Artistic patterns of other images were seen as well, like irrigation systems being placed, ships sailing and birds flying, medicines and plants, and even depictions of the unifications of nations, all swirling in artistic patterns.

Perhaps most curious of all was the very obvious blank spot on the wall next to the Tapestry.


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