The Ashene Mountains lie along the north west border of Ashenia. Barely foothills by some people's reckoning, the Ashene Range is still a substantial row of granite mountains cut by steep valleys that easily become isolated during Winter. Despite this, the valleys are fertile and are prime land for pasture. In addition, the forests that grow in the valleys supply abundant timber. The many streams that flow from the mountains eventually join to form a number of rivers, the greatest of which is the River Adra which eventually winds away through Adralath and onwards towards the ocean.

Nestled among the cliffs and mountain passes are numerous small monastic communities that take advantage of the isolation provided by their remoteness to continue their meditations uninterrupted. Nearer to the valley floors, but still above the spring floods (most years), are dozens of small villages and towns whose herds of cattle provide much milk and cheese, the sale of which supplements the otherwise small income they would gain from their crops. The most important settlement in this region is the fortress-city of Sandrul located in the shade of Mount Gambron. It is here where people from the lowlands and highlands meet to exchange goods, and thus where the region's tax collectors tend to congregate.

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