Ashmarism is a religion originating in Kasumor, founded by Marius Earthguard in 341.
Ashmarism Crest

Heraldry of Ashmarism

Faith name: Ashmarism

Deity name: Ashmar, the Lord of Progress and Life

Other Names: Guardian of Prowess, Keeper of Skill, Protector of Kasumor.

Portfolio (Major): Life, Progress, Prowess, Air, Water.

Portfolio (Minor): Fire, Earth, Metal


Ashmar is the god of Life, Progress and Prowess. In the Kasumori tongue, he is the one who guards the holy trinity of Inochi, Hakobi and Gouyuu (Life, Progress and Prowess). He keeps his aspects at his side, being called the Ones who Guard. At his one hand, the One who guards Fire, the guardian of the spark of life. At his other, the One who guards the Earth, the guardian that allows progress. Ashmar himself guards the means to use the other two, Prowess and guards the remaining two elements, Air and Water, keeping the balance.  

Ashmar values skill over all else and it is believed that if you have the skills, the means to use those skills to the fullest will eventually present itself, being seen as a visit from reflections of the Ones who Guard. This includes martial prowess, academic prowess and craftsmanship.

In effect, the Lord of Fire is seen as the One who guards Fire, so the Lord of Fire is still present in this religion in a way.

The sect of Ashmarism consists of three different branches of priests. These are the Odochi, the swordpriests, the Kogei, the craftpriests and the Gakusha, the sage-priests. The three sects work in harmony to achieve the highest level of prowess, the Choten.


All the sects are led by a priest of their order who is considered to have reached Choten, which in turn are under the one who is considered to be a master of all three, the Shinguard or Eienguard themselves. Before the Shinguard or Eienguard takes the Imperial throne, they must be schooled in all three the disciplines, which takes about thirty years in total. Training starts at a very young age, around four years old. It takes about ten years to master each different segment.

However, Ashmar dictates prowess comes from within and will show itself given the chance. Therefore, to not put too much pressure on the soul, the student is required to take at least a third of the day for self-enjoyment and relaxing. The Emperor or Empress is thereafter the head of the religion for the rest of his or her days. However, if a way to preserve the Choten of previous religious leaders, the spiritual leaders might just take that chance.

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