Athelmark the Unifier
Title King of the Jarrs &c
Reign 370-393
Predecessor Eldin (as Lord Jarrow)
Successor Alfwyr the Rash
Spouse Della Horwik
Issue Athelmere the Seafarer

Eirwynn Jarrow
Edwyrd Jarrow

House Jarrow
Mother Arwynn Jarrow
Father Eldin Lord Jarrow
Born 330
Died 393
Religion Lord of Fire

Athelmark was the first king of the Jarrs, crowned by the priests of the Lord of Fire on the Atteltor. He made efforts to improve the international standing of Jarrland, reaching out to potential friends beyond Imperial borders. The first few years of his reign were overshadowed by the war with the north, in which Jarrland took no part, although he later attended the Grand Ball of 381 and helped negotiate the release of Qzare Xiu Wandao from captivity.

A sponsor of exploration, he accompanied Columbo Fiassa to Domhan Abheile and oversaw the recovery of Giorno Fiassa's ship from neighbouring Vennland. In his later years he acquired technology to build ocean-faring ships through a trade arrangement with Qarimos, and pilots trained in the Jewelled Cities to crew them, although he left the development of the navy largely in the hands of his son and brother-in-law.

He considered his crowning achievement to be the literacy programme, attempting to teach all his people to read, and this was believed to have been accomplished by the time of his death. He commissioned the acquisition of the printing press and distributed it widely in a philanthropic gesture. At the end of his reign he signed a new agreement with the Qzare that formalised Jarrland's relationship with the Imperium.

He reportedly never recovered from the death of his daughter. In 393 he fell into a deep melancholy following the resumption of war against Bordeux and died peacefully in his sleep.

King Athelmark the Unifier
Born: 330 Died: 393
Royal titles
New creation King of the Jarrs &c
Succeeded by
Alfwyr the Rash
Noble titles
Preceded by
Eldin Jarrow
Lord Jarrow
Merged in crown
Political offices
Preceded by
Provincial Lord of Jarrland
Succeeded by
Alfwyr the Rash