Region Number 36
Realm Salterri Heartlands
Population 204,000
Resources Crops, Silver, Corundum
Imports Salt
Religion Hailings of the Silver Sea
Aus-Teire is the heart of the Salterri Imperium and the site of the Imperial capital, Xianzhi Urbe.


Much of Aus-Teire is covered in bamboo forests.

The Nightwood

Several miles from the capital of Xianzhi Urbe, one can find the hauntingly beautiful Nightwood, where the canopy is so dense that what light reaches down during the day is filtered and reflected several times, giving it a ghostly appearance. Not much can grow on the forest floor, besides some weeds, herbs and some unique flowers of which the dew literally attracts light towards it for some mysterious reason and purpose, ensuring that the forest is often not much darker during the night than during the day in places where these flowers grow.

Salterri Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace in Xianzhi Urbe

The Mountain of Light is a mountain with a strong magnetic field that has been the cause of some shipwrecks on the shore in years past. During some nights, spread throughout the year, the skies are lit by lights normally only seen in polar and near-polar regions.


The people are humans of primarily dark skin, though the nobles are of lighter tint and smaller and leaner build. It is said that the Salterri originally came from over the sea, called by the Silver Lady and her Prophet, who came to them years later and spread them across the land. The Salterri later split from the Old Empire that lay in the Far West and became a nation entirely of their own as the nobility and darker-skinned natives mingled and formed an empire of their own, defeating tyrannical neighbours and offering free peoples a gentler hand as lord—a way of government often referred to as the Iron Palm.

Mountain of Light

The Mountain of Light


Aus-Teire has a Great supply of crops and silver, with mines in the southern parts near the border with Wyrmar having access to corundum. On the other hand, the region is quite lacking in the salt the Salterri so prize.


The sole religion in Aus-Teire is She-Of-Silver-Spear-And-Coin, the Lady that the Salterri worship known as the Hailings of the Silver Sea. The Salterri would not have it any other way in their capital region, after all.

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