Berundas are large birds found in Raaneka.


The Berunda is a royal fowl, and is armed more with boldness than with talons. It is gentle, content to forage for fruits and seeds and small mountain birds, but can be most dire in its wrath. Gold is its plumage, with a red crown atop its head.

Berunda in flight

Like dark wine are the tips of its wings. Its tail is a wide fan of long feathers, glittering in each of the rainbow’s hues. They whip and curl in the slightest breeze, and can spark great flame when struck together. In size, the berunda measures just over twelve feet from beak to tail, with a wingspan just under twelve feet. The flight of the berunda is a flash of loops and dives, spurred by the waving of its great tail.


It is said that berundas are born from the miracle pools of the Mountains of Dis, which gives them their great size and vibrant raiment. They eat fruits from the mountain trees, but must be wary of the elusive mountain cat, their most mortal foe. They also feast upon starlings, those devourers of seed, and so prove to be a great boon for all wine growers. In both these endeavors, the agility and flames of the berunda in flight are a great advantage. Flame propels them from the mountain cat most swiftly, and scorches the starlings from the sky in the midst of their flock. Peerless agility evades the mountain cat’s claws, but also outmaneuvers the starlings as they flee.

As a MountEdit

Those Raaneki brave and true enough to take berunda in reins and mount upon the heavens are the greatest of our people, worthy of much glory and libation. They crouch upon the berunda’s back just before the wings, guiding its course in daring attack. Most nimble of mind and body are they, ready to command the berunda to turn its terrible flame burst upon our enemies. To strafe and strike is the way of the Raaneki Berunda, to cause terrible harm and to disappear amid slings and arrows all.

In truth, the berunda seems too small a beast to bear a rider through the skies, but the fires of its tail propel it sure and strong. Still, riders must needs travel light, for to bear pack and provision would be too much a strain upon the berunda. Riders wear armor of silk and leather, and carry weapons only in case they are deprived of their berunda in the heat of battle.


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