Bor-Teire Crest
Region Number 34
Realm Priory of Ascension
Population 74,000
Resources Hops, Drum Lizards
Imports Stone
Religion Ascension (majority)
Hailings of the Silver Sea (minority)

Lord of Fire (minority)


Mirror Lake is a pristine lake near one of the most famed towns in Bor-Teire that is like a perfect mirror, except it mirrors not what is there, but presumably what was there thousands of years ago, allowing a gaze into the past.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake


The people of Bor-Teire are divided between man and the native orc. The orcs have long formed a strong part of the Salterri army, while at home they tend to the hops farms, from which they both brew and also eat. They are a little taller and quite a bit broader than Grmanhilian orcs, and when deprived of their hops-filled diet often become aggressive. Possibly for that reason, the orcs aren't much seen outside of Bor-Teire, aside from the army. The orcs live in tents and move around in caravans, often having one cart filled with dirt to grow hop plants in even while they move around.


Bor-Teire is well-known for its hops and the ale brewn from it, as well as its drum lizards, which are kept for their delicious meat. Though in the wild they can grow three times as big as in captivity, the wild ones' meat often causes stomachache due to their diet of a kind of berry that is poisonous to humans, but not to orcs, who hunt the wild drum lizards.

The region sorely requires stone to build, having only meagre supplies of it and being sparse in wood.


There is a majority of Ascension adherents.

The former majority religion is She-Of-Silver-Spear-And-Coin, the Lady that the Salterri worship known as the Hailings of the Silver Sea, which still maintains a minor presence in the region.

There is a minority of oppressed Lord of Fire worshippers in Bor-Teire, mostly underground worship. There have been attempts to drive the faith out of the region entirely.


Bor-Teire is under control of the Priory of Ascension and briefly held its capital following the fall of Anaphorica and occupation of Salteire during the Wars of the Mandate. In the late fourth century Bor-Teire was destabilised by the appearance of Lord of Fire worshippers in the region. The Priory sent troops in to suppress the Lord of Fire worship, and the local governor began reporting to them. It is now administered more or less directly by the central Priory leadership.

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