Cantroth Crest
Region Number 113
Realm Del'Taihn Provinces
Population 1,132,000
Resources Sheep, Platinum, Tar
Imports Wood
Religion Ovidianism

Cantroth is a region in the Del'Taihn Provinces of the Commonwealth of Lorvyn.


The water that cascades from Serdtsezimiya's Lake Yablokilze becomes the Ovidions River. This river - easily a mile wide in places - meanders south from the border to the shore of the Blue Horizon Sea.

Anvigarde is the capital of Cantroth and the largest city in the entire Province. Stretching from the coastline down the Ovidions River's Eastern bank, if one were to stand in Central Square and gaze westward, they would see the the Great Prophet's tomb. Legend states that the city was founded on the site where the Great Prophet Ovidions proclaimed Cantroth as the Homirum's new homeland.

The Ode to Ovidions is a statue on the western bank of the Ovidions River which marks the location of the Great Prophet's mausoleum. The masterpiece depicts Ovidions' as he must have looked after his divine ascension, triumphant and otherworldly. The statue rises some sixty-nine meters into the air and is plated with platinum.


The people of Cantroth are the Homirum. They bear a strong resemblance to their Valeriyan neighboors, from the waist down their legs resemble a goats, complete with cloven hooves - unlike a Favn their pelt is the same colour as their hair. They also have horns like the Favn do but unlike theirs, the Homirum's have a strong tendency to curl.


Practically sacred to the Homirum, sheep provide both food and clothing. Every family has a meal of lamb each week, an occasion when many prayers to Ovidions are said.

Platinum is the rarest of metals mined in this region and this the most valued. It is currently believed that Cantroth has the most abundant source of this mineral in the entirety of Telluris.

It is worth braving the dangerous Eastern Inkholes in order to secure supplies of tar.

Much of Cantroth's land has been cleared for pasture and what little woodland that remains is monopolised for mining purposes, so the region must import wood.


Ovidianism is the most important religion in Cantroth. Contained within the Great Book are the teachings of the Great Prophet Ovidions. The Homirum believe that when they follow the words of Ovidions he will always lead them to peace, victory, and glory.


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