Regions Pryonia


Titles Clanmaster of Pryonia
Current Head Rengal Cardion
Founded bef. 330
Founder Unknown
Nationality Pryonian

The house of Cardion provided all the hereditary clanmasters of Pryonia during reliably recorded history and possibly earlier. During the mid-fifth century their power over the kingdom fell into decline, and the failure of government led to both the invasion of Galie-Noiret and the ultimate absorption into the Hurosha Empire under the banner of Calorum, although the Cardions retained their status as clanmasters. In 452 Rengal Cardion was summoned to speak against the Denunciation of Hurosha issued by Glazfell, although his words, in which he placed the blame for the fate of his kingdom on politically unwise targets, saw a diminution in his authority, and the Cardions largely lost their status as international representatives.

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