General Caris of Psilberg
Nationality Glazfelli
Spouse None
Children None
Title General
House Blutod (Bastard)
Race Frosten
Mother Unknown
Father Count Emil Blutod
Born bef.420
Died 454
Cause of Death Killed in a duel

Caris was a General Commander of the Glazfelli army, serving as King Khyne's senior military advisor during the Southern Carmine Incursions. She later competed in the Second Tellurian Games as one of the Glazfelli representatives, being crowned twin Games Champion after her performance in the Caragita.

In 454 she again held military command as Glazfell invaded a region to the east inhabited by orcs. After hearing that the orcs settled disputes by single combat, Caris challenged the orc chieftain to a duel to avoid a bloody battle.[1] Unfortunately the orc chieftain proved too strong, and she was cut down.[2]


Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Tellurian Games Champion
with Li Gun Huang

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