Central Sea Conference
Host Umajin of Crima
Year 353
Location Ryazen Bay, Crima

The Central Sea Conference was an event held in Ryazen Bay and hosted by Umajin of Crima, following the disappearance of various ships on journeys southward and first, unfriendly, contact with the Salterri Imperium. The objective of the conference was to secure fair and safe waters for trade for all merchant ships.

The conference was in many respects a disaster. Insults were traded between Khan Dyamus Ignato, Khalif Umajin and the king of Ashenia, with Dymaus on the verge of storming out even before the arrival of the Salterri delegation. The Salterri themselves only made matters worse, with their representative Governor Lann Qing of Salteire offending many of the assembled company.

The conference did succeed in agreeing a rough system of territorial waters and coloured flags for use at sea to indicate whether a ship had peaceful or hostile intent, or was in distress. Other than that, little was accomplished other than to raise tensions between already hostile powers, and in little more than a decade, Lann Qing had been assassinated and northern Telluris was at war.

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