First Brother Charles
Nationality Unknown
Spouse None known
Children None known
Title First Brother of the Blazing Temple
Race Human
Died after 527
Religion Lord of Fire

Charles was First Brother of the Blazing Temple during the late sixth and early seventh century. It was during his tenure as First Brother that the Hushyarr Controversy erupted, over a theological disagreement between Charles and the Blazing Avatar.

He was credited with revitalising the faith, which had fallen into dormancy during the time of Paco and Nissa Ridilsingya, and saw an expansion of Lord of Fire worship in the Kingdom of the Silver Moon and Sulvan Primarchy, as well as bringing the Everburning Horde into the fold of the faithful.

Religious titles
Preceded by
Paco Çimar Guzman
First Brother of the Blazing Temple
485 - 527
Succeeded by
Rodrigo Bartolomeu

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