Childerberries are a fruit cultivated in the Black Fields of Tumeland.

These berries, a blue so dark they appear black (thus giving their name to the Fields) are highly versatile and form a cornerstone of the culture and economy of the region. While they are almost inedible raw, they can be fermented to create excellent wine and if stewed make a tasty, if expensive, sauce or flavouring for food.

The strong colour of their juice makes them hazardous to work with for the untutored, for they will stain fabric very easily. This property however means that with minimal processing they produce a strong dye in deep blue-black shades, which fades to a bruised purplish colour favoured by the more understated Harragildi members. Childerberry-dyed fabric is worn widely across the region, but is unsurprisingly particularly popular among members of the Guild who wish to remain unseen.


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