United Free Cities
Land of Free Knights Flag
Regions Land of Free Knights

Dong Nam Dosi

Ruler Steward Euco of Verben
Player Kasanip
Abbreviation UFC
Capital Land of Free Knights
Sovereignty Free State
Government Republican Oligarchy
The Chivalric Republic of United Free Cities is a free state incorporating the Land of Free Knights, its colonies and the Greater Kingdom of Zuiguo.

Government and SettlementsEdit

The League of Taumeria comprises Neu, Uran and Fernbrake. The League of Verbena includes Verbena, Poa and Maranta. Rubia, Boragina, Primula, Campanula, Capsella are the Free Valley Cities, while the Duchy of Uzan is based in the eponymous city of Uzan.

Society is civilized with republican law. Skill is valued very highly, and great architecture, art, archery and swordsmanship are proud skills. There are three classes of society: Knights, Merchants and Guilds, and Farmers. The Knights are also the executive administration, however representatives of each class choose the Steward, who is given responsibility and power to govern the region. It is not a hereditary position.

The council has thirty representatives. Two come from each city, two from the Free Knights, and four from village chiefs. Usually decisions are made locally. However, important decisions like foreign policy and defense are the responsibility of the council.

Chivalric Order of Free KnightsEdit

The Chivalric Order of Free Knights guards the Republic against threats. They are gendarmes and noble soldiers. The City States have little military strength. The Order was formed to protect the roads and merchants. Originally the three guilds at the three primary city states, they are an organization that the Steward has now turned to to defend the Commonwealth. When the Zuigou Empire invaded, the League of Taumeria and Verbena asked the Grand-Master of the Order of the Free Knights to take command of the militias and armies. Successfully fighting off the Zuigou; they have now been strengthened and organized into an elite Chivalric Order to protect the region and keep peace.

The Chivalric Order serves the Grand-Master. The current situation of the Grand-Master being appointed the first Steward of the United Free Cities means that the responsibilities of the Order have grown, too.


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