Clans are a fundamental building block of Razdissi society. A clan is roughly equivalent in power to a small guild in Hrathan-Tuor, or a single tribe in Domhan Abhaile. A clan is composed of two to twenty distantly related families, who cannot intermarry. This is an edict of a past Mormaer, to promote diplomacy and good-feeling between the clans. Some clans are more specialised that others; the Unbroken Line Clan are nearly all rulers, courtiers and diplomats, whilst the Ancient Delving Clan is composed of almost all trades and vocations amongst the Razdissi.

In times of war, the more military focused clans provide most of the troops, whilst the less warlike clans provide supplies and equipment for them. Only the Mormaer has the authority to create new clans; these are normally centred around one notable individual, who then takes a few minor families from the more established clans who are dissatisfied with their current leadership. The head of a clan is part of a council that meet when the Mormaer decides that they need extra advice (or just needs someone to shout at). Unfortunately for the influence of the clans, Razdissi Mormaers aren't known for their democratic tendencies.

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