The Cloudiz are a type of Fey. They are humanoid, with a human torso, wings of a dragonfly and the tail of a fish, abeit a long and elegant tail. They can interbreed with humans, where the supernatural aspects of their fey heritage manifest mostly, but not exclusively, in females, causing them to have gills, dragonfly wings, fishtales and in extreme cases all of the before mentioned, somehow producing a fullblooded Cloudiz.

Artist's impression of a Cloudiz.

The Cloudiz are great swimmers and flyers, but can't move on land to well. When needed to move on land, for example for diplomatic reasons, they do so in a snake/lamia like fashion, using s-shaped motions to move forward. Before the Cataclysm, they inhabited Verandil Forest in the numerous giant trees and streams found in the area. They were once known for being mystics, able to predict the future and see far away events by peering into pools of water.

The Cloudiz race appeared to have vanished along with the Cataclysm, but have recently started reappearing in numbers.

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