Conquest of Aloren
Aloren Cliffs
Date 345-349
Location Aloren
Result Decisive Woodwind victory.
Territorial changes Aloren added to Woodwind, formation of Ignato Empire
Woodwind Kingdom of Aloren


Khan Dyamus Ignato Loki Ethmorl

Shield Lord Kaldten Maerathyn†

4,000 3,000
1,000 3,000

2,000 civilians fled to Genivana
Kaldten Maerathyn executed

The conquest of Aloren was undertaken in the 340s as part of Khan Dyamus Ignato's programme of expansion and development.


The Kingdom of Aloren had been established in the mid-first century, uniting the people under the Shaeldtae banner, but retained a very decentralised power structure, with each city state largely independent. Politics were cut-throat, with assassination of rival leaders common, which bred a paranoia among the ruling class.

In 327 the king was assassinated, and his young son Malyn came to the throne. From the outset, Malyn was almost completely under the thrall of his councillor Kaldten Maerathyn. Maerathyn began building up the military, and had himself appointed Shield Lord.

To the north, Khan Dyamus of Woodwind had established contact with many of his neighbours and determined that his people needed to develop in order to survive. He quickly began building up his armed forces, and began eyeing his southern neighbour with envy. While considered culturally backward, Aloren was more populous than Woodwind and had an impressive reptuation for scholarship, although for many years the intellectual class had directed its efforts into research into magic, with many of the kingdom's resources being squandered on supporting them.[1][2] In 345, Woodwind forces crossed the border into Aloren. Dyamus later claimed this was in response to a letter he received from the Shield Lord inviting him to enter the kingdom.


The king called for aid from his neighbours, but the majority of them were allied to Woodwind and would not come to his defence. Loki Ethmorl was the only ruler to respond, bringing the army of Hrathan-Tuor north to defend the kingdom. Had Aloren and Hrathan-Tuor combined their forces they would have had a numerical advantage, but the Shield Lord held Aloren's army back, and Loki was defeated in battle, losing almost all his troops.

With Aloren's only ally knocked out of the war, Dyamus advanced on the capital at Shael. Kaldten panicked and fled, leaving his men to their own devices, while King Malyn also disappeared. With their commander having abandoned them the remaining army of Aloren surrendered. Dyamus took Shael and swept through the rest of the country, mopping up any resistance and proclaiming his rule over the kingdom. A few civilians fled into neighbouring Genivana ahead of the Woodwind troops, but most offered no resitance.


King Malyn was eventually located, and Dyamus revealed to him that the Shield Lord had invited him to stage his invasion as a pretext for a coup. It is not known if this was true, or whether the letter was a fabrication on Dyamus's part for justifying his invasion while also removing the king's most powerful councillor. Dyamus eventually tracked down Shield Lord Maerathyn and executed him with his own hand. He permitted Malyn to retain his title as a client king, and the young man accepted, the combined realm of Woodwind and Aloren becoming known as the Ignato Empire.[3]

Following post-battle negotiations, Hrathan-Tuor and the Ignato Empire put aside their differences and became allies, the beginning of the alliance which would eventually develop into the Triumvirate. Some members of the UN denounced the conquest, escalating tensions between the UN and the Ignato Empire and its allies.