Conquest of Escuralan
Date 495
Location Escuralan
Result Decisive Silver Moon victory
Territorial changes Escuralan conquered by the Empire of the Silver Moon
Empire of the Silver Moon Ash-Kingdom of Maur
Kara Volshevrin (P.O.W.)
1,000 4,000
Negligible 4,000

The conquest of Escuralan was conducted by a small detachment of Bordeusi soldiers in the midst of the Sunset War.


The region had been discovered some years before by Maurian explorers, and its strategic value was not lost on the bordering Kingdom of the Silver Moon. While the bulk of its army was sent in support of the Union of Radurjic Republics against Captain Dreadlove, a regiment was dispatched to secure the new region for the kingdom.

Meanwhile Maur had also devised plans to occupy the region. When Maurian colonists reported the approach of Bordeusi troops, Queen Kara mustered her army and led them into the region herself.


Although the Maurians had a significant numerical advantage, their army was poorly equipped compared to the Silver Moon soldiers armed with arquebuses and mithril armour, and with superior ability to manoeuvre. In a one-sided battle the Maurians were totally defeated, their army routed and Kara herself taken prisoner.[1]


Kara was immediately released by the Bordeusi, who had not anticipated significant Maurian resistance. Nevertheless this battle marked the effective end of the Maurian expansionist policy in the south, following the ruinous war against Alzeroth. The kingdom, weakened by years of war, sought protection from sympathetic neighbours and eventually agreed terms of vassalage which saw it join the Commonwealth of Lorvyn.

The natives of Escuralan put up no resistance of their own and were quickly absorbed into the Kingdom of the Silver Moon.



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