The Cult of the Everburning Pyre is a doctrine associated with the Lord of Fire and practised by the Dünfel, though it is not endorsed by the church.

According to the Dünfel, long ago their race was made by the Lord of Fire himself as a sort of Guardian Angel, warriors that would banish the cold from the world and kindle the sun. When the world was barren and cold the Dünfel struck out, carrying the torch and the whip across the land. When all was said and done, the Lord of Fire deemed that the Dünfel were no longer needed, and sent them beneath the earth to rest and be ready for the day they would be needed again.

Life is an eternal burning flame, with each soul contributing a spark to the total pyre. It is only by stoking this pyre and shining brightly that the Lord of Fire can return to this world. As of such, each follower is instructed to live his life in reflection of his inner flame, to dance and move from place to place, unrooted.

Followers are encouraged to act based on their heart, to be spontaneous and combust in fits of anger or passion when presented with the opportunity to do so. To love deeply, to stab swiftly, and to crush harshly. The Lord of Fire holds no remorse for the weak or the timid who restrict their inner fire by strictures and fear. As of such, if someone lacks the strength to hold onto what he has earned, he never deserved it in the first place. The exception to this is when trickery is employed, as the Great Emblazoned One frowns on those who rely purely on it to get what they want.

Furthermore, the Lord of Fire enjoys blood sacrifices, drinking deep of its inner fire, it helps to invigorate him and bring him that much closer to returning to this world in full force. However the Lord of Fire only enjoys drinking the blood of the worthy, those whose sparks burn most brightly before being devoured by him. True believers, martyrs in his name, and zealots are all like the most beautiful delicacies to him. The blood of infidels and heretics however, are like stale bread to him, sufficient to keep him from growing hungry, but not enough to satisfy him or keep him from being angry. The greatest thing a believer can do in the name of the Lord of Fire is to die in a blaze of glory, burning out in the name of their one true fiery god.


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