The monetary system of Mularuhm is the general standard used throughout the Salterri Imperium and its successor empires.


Crowns are 2 inches in diameter, 1/8 inch thick pure gold coins and are emblazoned on one side with the crest of Mularuhm and on the other with the profile of the reigning Mularuhm King at the time of the minting.

20 Hammers are equivalent to 1 Crown. They are coins of 1 inch in diameter, 1/10 inch thick and of 50-75% gold, silver, or platinum content. They are colloquially known as "Hams" due to the engraving of a hammer on one side. The reverse bears the mark of the mint in which the Hammer was made as well as the year minted with some outside Mularuhm electing to include a profile of a local monarch or person of merit.
12 Bits are equivalent to 1 Hammer. They are coins of 1/2 inch in diameter, 1/10 inch thick and of 25-50% gold, silver, or platinum content. They bear the crest of Mularuhm on one side and the crest of the region in which they were minted or a profile of a local monarch or person of merit on the other.

Crowns are only authorized and minted in Mularuhm proper though adopting nations will receive reserves of Crowns for liquidity. While Mularuhm coinage in the Kingdom of Mularuhm uses a gold standard and adopting mints will be encouraged to adopt a gold standard it is understood that certain other precious metals are more easily used for minting in other parts of the world. However, Crowns remain locked to the gold standard and thus all other coinage belonging to the Mularuhm currency system minted outside Mularuhm is ultimately bound to the Mularuhm gold standard.

Gemstones, not part of the standard currency, are accepted as equivalent in value as appraised in comparing karat to weight of gold and may be used to carry out large transactions where coinage would prove unwieldy.


The following kingdoms have constructed mints to the Mularuhm standard and make use of its coinage:


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