The Glazfelli monetary system is based in the central bank of the Glazfelli Hegemony.


The basic coin in the Glazfelli Currency System is the tol (plural toler), sometimes misspelled 'toll' or 'toller' since most road and gate tolls are 1 tol.

A tol is a small bronze coin that is usually embossed with the crest of House Daan (or, for coins made outside of Glazfell, with the crest of the current ruler's house). There are variants of the tol equal to 5 toler, 10 toler, 50 toler, and 100 toler, though they mainly differ in size (each larger coin is visibly but not proportionately larger than the one before it) and in the numeral on the reverse. The 50 toler and 100 toler coins have a slightly more visible profile, with the embossed crest gilded rather than left in bronze.

200 toler is equal to a single cress, a larger gold coin with iron trim usually embossed with the profile of the current King of the land in which the coin was minted. 100 cress is equal to a single libra, which is a silver coin the same size as a cress, inlaid with a single specially-cut Tear of Yphine. Libra are not usually spent directly except in very large purchases.

The whole system is set to a silver standard. Most things are paid for in toler or, for expensive things, sometimes cress. Libra are usually only spent in high-end finance because they are representative of much greater wealth (and are extremely difficult to counterfeit convincingly).


The following realms maintain mints to the Glazfelli standard:


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