Dagr Scowen
Nationality Hrathanese
Spouse Lady Scowen
Children Daughter b.407

Son b.409

Title Earl of Scowen
House Scowen
Race Human

Dagr was the assassin who headed the mission to assassinate Tupelo Cornus. For his services in that regard, he was later created Earl of Scowen.

Contract TupeloEdit

Nothing is known of Dagr's original family or early life, although he must have joined the Hrathanese Assassins Guild at a young age. When the Guild received word that King Athelmere of Jarrland had put out a contract for the head of Tupelo Cornus, Dagr was appointed by Lady Syf to carry out the killing.

Initially the Guild corresponded with Queen Anguri of Raaneka, who wanted to take revenge on Tupelo personally, but after the Royal Council refused to offer her support, she died in defacing Tupelo's statue, and instead a small group of Raaneki and Ayavan gnomes travelled to meet Dagr and his group. They were joined by Marrik Sunder from Jarrland, Inigo of Guilder and two Solusi.[1]

Dagr and his group successfully infiltrated Tupelo's barge, but were attacked by his Deceiver bodyguard. In the general melee, Tupelo set the barge on fire and escaped into the water, pursued by Dagr. Initially, Tupelo got the advantage over Dagr and looped a cord around the assassin's neck, but Dagr managed to get one hand under it before it could be pulled taut. Eventually Dagr was able to liberate his poisoned knife and stab Tupelo, killing him, although his throat suffered permanent damage as a result of the near-strangulation.

He removed Tupelo's head and transported it to Jarrland in fulfilment of the contract. The king had (rather rashly) promised an earldom to the man who returned it, and bestowed the vacant Vennland title of Earl of Scowen on Dagr.

Earl of ScowenEdit

Dagr became the new head of the Scowen clan and married the daughter of one of their leading chieftains, with whom he had two children. He established his seat at Rock Break Keep in the Rock Break Vale. In 410 he was visited by Lady Syf of the Guild, who commanded him to establish a presence for the Guild in Vennland. Over the following years, Dagr trained many men of his clan in Hrathanese and Tuorkey techniques.[2]

In 418, supporters of the Priory of Ascension attempted a coup. Two members of the royal family were murdered and Princess Seirwynn, Athelmere's niece, was apparently abducted. Dagr was tasked with investigating the situation and quickly ruled out most of the obvious suspects, eventually concluding on something of a hunch that a renegade Guild assassin named Sweet was involved.[3]

Recovering the PrincessEdit

While following Sweet's trail, Dagr discovered that Martin Grant-Tremblor was searching for Seirwynn himself through his underworld contacts. The two coordinated and eventually traced the girl to a delapidated but heavily guarded keep owned by Lord Carran. With a group of men from his clan, Dagr and Martin seized the keep, recovering Seirwynn and capturing Lord Carran, while further uncovering evidence that implicated Earl Osmyr of Isling. Osmyr was arrested in Horbeach and executed for treason, although Lord Carran was spared on the request of Seirwynn herself.Dagr tracked Sweet down to a remote village in Discordia and eliminatd her personally.[4]

On his return, he interrogated Lord Carran and discovered that Prince Fydias, by now Earl of Jarburg, had been involved in the imprisonment of Seirwynn. He hurried to Horbeach to inform the king, but Fydias arrived there first, appearing in public at the Grand Ball. Before Fydias could be arrested, Seirywnn recognised and attacked him, stabbing him several times until Dagr intervened, firstly to stop Fydias from retaliating with his sword, and then to restrain Seirwynn.


The Guild established by Dagr in Vennland continues to flourish. Scowen men now normally form part of the retinue of the Duke and his family. A number of them were present at the Second International Council, where they eliminated many of Ridovo's followers and may have saved the life of King Tansan of Ashenia after their master, the near-suicidal Earl Siggi, turned down their protection.



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