Dearg Sreang, also known as Red Scords, is a red-tinted kelplike plant found in Cuan.

"Dearg Sreang" is the native (Maighdeann) name for the seaweed. It is extremely abundant at the shallower parts of the region, mostly because the locals cultivate the plant to use as their primary food source. They fill the rest of their diët with fish, clams and other sorts of kelp. However, the Sagepriests at the University of Prowess uncovered more properties of this red vegetation. When heated up without being exposed to salt water, the liquid in the plant turn extremely acidic, being able to damage and absorb alot of materials. When heated up while exposed to salt water, it becomes extremely basic instead, transforming the solution to a strong soaplike substance, slippery to the touch and only slightly less caustic than its acidic counterpart.[1]



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