The Decievers are a sect of the Children of Kina. They are known to be assassins who favor strangulation of their victims using a ruemel cloth.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not simply the bodyguards of the leaders of the religion. They are true believers of a certain prophecy, shared by Tupelo Cornus with only a few select people. The Decievers guard this prophecy jealously. They believe that there will come a time when so many upon Telluris become wicked that their return to Khadi would be as if she ingested a poison. Such anguish will re-awaken her fierce hunger and rekindle her wrath.

This will bring about the end times, called the Year of the Skulls. Khadi the Devourer will stalk Telluris, consuming the souls of the wicked and forthright together in an orgy of destruction. She will consume this world in its entirety, and give birth to a new one, free of wickedness, populated by the forthright, ready to start the cycle again. Those who follow the path of the Deceiver protect the spot where she will return to Telluris, the Grove of the Nighthawk in the Blackadder Forest. They believe that they will serve her in this final battle, and be those who repopulate the new age. But mostly, they believe that wickedness must not be allowed to flourish and it is best to send the wicked back to Khadi before it becomes too great.

Rationale Edit

The Decievers believe that each soul can become more god-like or demon-like through their own power. Their actions on Telluris can be good or evil. When the soul returns to the Mother, they bring with them the blessings or taint from thier lives. They believe that Kina seeks her eternal quest to destroy the evil demons of her creation myth through rebirth of souls. The Year of the Skulls represents mankind's failure to live up to her dreams.

Appearance Edit

Deceivers can be anything, but often take on roles of the weak and enfeebled. They do this to entice predators to prey on them, so they can be ritually strangled and their souls re-consecrated to Kina. They carry their ruemel cloth, like all the Children of Kina. They are solid cloth. White indicates a new recruit. Yellow indicates 5 kills. Red indicates 20 kills. Blue indicates 20 kills. Black indicates 50 kills. The only known black ruemel men were Tupelo Cornus and Opus Petrichor. Its current whereabouts is unknown.

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