Del Zhaira
Regions Jarrland

(all supposed)

Titles King of Zhaira (presumed)
Current Head See Jarrow
Founded Time immemorial
Founder Aesa the Conqueror
Nationality Elven
Last Member Athelwyn the Feeble (de facto)
Cadet Branches Jarrow

Delassa (extinct)

The House of Del Zhaira was, according to Jarrland history and legend, the ruling house of the ancient Kingdom of Zhaira.

The current house of Jarrow considers itself a continuation of the house of del Zhaira, with the name having been changed over time.

The house of Isling also claims ancient descent from the Del Zhaira. Prior to their destruction in the third century, the leaders of Clan Delassa claimed a superior descent to that of the Jarrow, although they were exterminated by the Jarrow and their Salterri allies.

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