It is only right Dernyos is our Patron God, for we are His Children.

-An Old Cervidh saying

Dernyos is one of the oldest An Náduri deities of today. Though he wasn't one of the Elder Gods who emerged from the Primordial material which made much of the universe, he was a son of a union of three. The universe's core had been largely finished, though Dernyos quickly found himself dissatisfied despite the abundance of wonders of the young world. One day, he had the inspiration to create beings of what little Primordial material that was left. He created the first of these beings to be similar to himself and tasked them with the protection of the numerous others whom he created.

These first were far lesser to Dernyos himself, but had something no other creature had at the time; sapience. From then on, the unpredictable nature of Primordial material asserted itself and evolved quickly into countless other creatures. Though the process has slowed, creatures are constantly growing and changing.


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