Nationality Oronean
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Title Windlord of Oros
House Diomeris
Race Sylphid

Diomeres was a possibly legendary sylphid hero believed to have lived in the 1st century BC.

According to legend, he was the last independent ruler of the city-state of Oros and the last to hold the title of Windlord. It was during his reign that the rule of the ireiarchoneia was extended over the whole of the peninsula that later became known as Tempestia.

The house of Diomeris claim descent from him. The title of Windlord was later revived for King Elwyn in the 6th century.

House of Diomeris
Born: c.100 BC
Noble titles
Preceded by
Windlord of Oros
1st century BC

Title next held by
Elwyn Jarrow

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