Doge is the official title for Guilderene Rulers. When used in the possessive, it becomes Doge's or Dogal, as in, "The Dogal robes".


Doge is an ancient title, conferred on the man - or woman - considered to be most worthy of rulership. Ancient rites of rulership have largely been lost during the Exodus. According to Guilderene theoretical historians, the Cataclysm drove the early Guilderene Doges from their ancestral home. During this period, the title and line of the Doge fell away entirely.

It was restored during the reign of Tumberink of Guilder, and in this rule he worked out a new method of succession. Because of the mercantile focus of Modern Guilder, the richest of the Princes is selected as Doge whenever the previous Doge dies or steps down.

House of TumberinkEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Tumberink the Sage c.295 - c.370 Unknown c.370 First Doge of the current era
Humperdink the Just bef. 340 - 423 c.370 c.423 Son of Tumberink
Inigo the Fireheart 366 - 472 423 436 Son of Humperdink. Captured and imprisoned in Zuiguo.
Vizini the Contrary - c.495 436 448 Son of Inigo. Captured and imprisoned in Zuiguo.
Buttercup the Bold - 463 448 463 Wife of Vizini. Overthrown and killed by Inigo.
Inigo the Fireheart 366 - 472 463 472 Second reign. Killed Buttercup and resumed office.
Vizini the Contrary - c.495 472 490 Second reign. Abdicated.
Wesley c.460 490 Son of Vizini.
Kuku Lelian (regent) 495 Regent for Wesley during and following his incarceration

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