The Dünfel are a nomadic people first encountered in Aimplach.


The common name for the Dünfel was coined by Dray Blacktail, a Sympol battlefield medic who performed the first known examination and dissection of one of the creatures. He named it for a legendary nightmare creature of the Forest of Bones.


The Dünfel stand around forty feet tall from head to foot, and are around six to seven feet broad at the shoulder. Their skin resembles obsidian or darkstar iron, with hundreds of scales interlocking together to form a natural, if slightly crude, armour. Although it resembles rock thanks to its rigid and irregular appearance, it is in fact very flexible.

Their eyes are completely orange, with black irises, and seem to contain some form of flame within them. The eye socket is around twenty inches in circumference.

Two horns protrude from their elongated heads, massive curling things that continue to burn even after the creature has deceased, discounting the idea that its life and the fire may somehow be correlated. Extinguishing these flames is hard, since they instantly rekindle so long as a spark remains on them. The horns contain several rings, layers sliding over one another in a manner apparently similar to tree rings.

The Dünfel have a number of cavities on their backs which secrete smoke, and apparently continue to do so even after death. While alive the Dünfel appear to be lit with an inner flame.


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