The Dusk Knights are a military order based in Nyroth.


When Nyroth was first brought into the folds of the Ignato Empire its noble lords and houses composed of the fae folk were barred the right to election in the Senate for favor of the lizardfolk rebels who aided the Empire in bringing the land under their protection and overturning the centuries of slavery within the Nyroth lands.

In the battle for conquest, slave legions of lizardfolk were killed as well as impromptu militias composed of faefolk lords and their vassals. When the dust had settled the lizardfolk former slaves held the power in Nyroth lands, embracing the religion of their brothers to the west and securing their place within the Imperial, later Triumviral, Senate. The remaining faefolk lords maintained their lands and control but with the loss of their slaves and influence many of these lordships fell on hard times, selling off land to the rising lizardfolk class and dwindling in number.

As of the year 385 only twelve noble houses of the original near fifty remained and a deal was struck with the Empress to allow them to regain their prestige. The Nyrothian noble houses would raise and maintain for the Triumvirate legions of troops and in doing so each noble house that did so would free their family line from prevention in running for senator, with the population still heavily favoring the faefolk the nobles knew if they could do so they could regain their power and prestige and the nobles set to work organizing the Dusk Knights.

The Dusk Knights proper are the commanders of the Nyrothian legions, faefolk born of noble Nyroth blood and and taught to fight with sword and shield in plate armor upon the back of the Kralax imported in from Alydaxis. Each legion contains roughly fifty proper Dusk Knights with their accompanying troops and aides making up the bulk of the numbers. Work by the Nyroth nobles has seen the role of Knight glorified to draw attention from members of the noble houses to serve and their efforts seemed to have worked as more and more young nobles take up arms in hopes of becoming Dusk Knights in service to the Triumvirate.[1]


388 - Belistizo Lillin, a Dusk Knight in training, and his squire, Jaristizo Lillin, are sent to join the Wenyavuk polar expedition to determine the nature of the shape of the world.[2]

395 - Belistizo Lilin and his cousin Jaristizo Lilin have finally returned to Nyroth after a series of adventures across the central continent following their expedition north with the now nomadic Na'nuk. They then proved themselves both as worthy of the title Dusk Knight in their trials and have been assigned to the Dusk Knight Unit commanded by Ser Kalvin Belith.[3]

398 - The Wapinagi-Watafiti raised in Nyroth have been met with by the local Dusk Knights and deemed worthy shield brothers. In fact, some of the religious warrior practices of the Wapinagi-Watafiti have been adopted by the Dusk Knights in service to the Great Weaver. The Wapinagi-Watafiti are composed of lizardfolk native priest-folk of Radurja alongside Fae commonfolk and led by largely Genivanan commanders.[4]

c.418 - Dusk Knights across Nyroth celebrate as Ser Belistizo Lilin, the adventurer-knight who went farther north than any other below Wenyavuk has ever ventured, is selected to take the position of Warden of the Forts.[5]


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