EMPIRE! is a world-building game of gods, kings and adventurers. In this game, you play a character, a ruler of a region. And once they die, you play their heir and so on, continuing on the family legacy. You scheme, discover and conquer your way towards becoming the most-remembered person in history. Respected, loved, feared.

Best beware if you want to ensure your legacy.

The Worlds of EMPIRE!Edit

The current Empire! game takes place on a world called Arandi.

The first Empire! game was set on a world named Telluris.

Welcome to the WikiEdit

This is the wiki for the EMPIRE! Community world-building games originally created by Morph Bark and now run by QuintonBeck on the GITP forums.

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Historic InformationEdit

E1 Out-of-Character Thread

E1 In-Character Thread

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