The Eldest Child of Kina is the honorific given to the head of those that worship Kina.

Known Title Holders Edit

Tupelo Cornus (?-402) Tupelo was the founder of the Children of Kina. He did not take any particular title. Eldest Child was conferred upon him posthumously.

Opus Petrichor (402-413) Opus Petrichor was the first to use the title unofficially. As he became engrossed in leading AQUA, he allowed the Title to pass to Linden Flint.

Linden Flint (413-457 ) Linden was a Quill scholar and one of the first of Tupelo's converts. He formalized many of the rituals of the Children of Kina. He held the title until his death by old age.

Elemi Scoria (457-506). Elemi was the first to be selected through the Ritual of Guiding developed by Linden. He presided over the miracles of Call of the Mother in 468, He was born in 425. In his prime, he was described as follows: Tall and lean with dark purplish skin bordering on black and dotted with small tattoos reminiscent of the night sky.  His eyepatch was reportedly from a poison drank during his selection ritual causing permanent blindness.  He preferred wearing a leather shirt with a vest and short pants with tall boots.  Wide brimmed hats popular in islands were his favored headgear. Earrings and other piercings were common to the Quill.  His eyes were a jet black, so dark the pupils could not be seen.

Silene Onerogin (506-current) A Quill, only 14 years old when named Eldest Child. He has barky skin and golden eyes, and was often attributed to be the reincarnation of Tupelo Cornus because of these features. Silene was praised even as a young man for his clarity of speaking and intense focus on the messages of the Mother of the Night. His name was derived from that of a night-flowering plant known to assist lucid dreaming.

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