Region Number 87
Realm Tzaltec Empire
Population 50,000
Resources Corn, Goldfire
Imports Iron
Religion Tzetultep


Elomaoli's north is dominated by the same thick jungle that covers Tzalteclan. However, the jungle begins to thin halfway down the coast, eventually giving way to lush plains atop gently rolling hills. It is this open area, and to a lesser extent the jungle edge, that the people of Elomaoli chose to make their homes, relying on the plentiful timber and rich soil to support themselves. While some of these tribes supplement their diet with fishing, the majority of the coast is blocked by sheer cliffs in the south and volcanic mountain ranges to the north.


People of lean stature and very bright eyes, the Elo retain traces of their hunter culture even now that their society is firmly agricultural. Endurance running is both apoint of pride and a measure of maturity, and it is rare for settlements in the area to lack for fresh meat. With the arrival of the Tzalteca, the Elo find themselves unified under a central government for the first time, and while many look askance at the slaves of the Tzalteca, the benefits of membership in the empire outweigh any misgivings.


The southern fields of Elomaoli are extensively cultivated, and rich in corn. In addition, the volcanic mountains ringing the northern coast are rife with the strange metal known as goldfire. Sadly, any iron veins are located in areas too unstable to exploit, consigning the people to work with substandard tools.

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